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We have found a NEW HOME!  Again!
Special thanks goes to Michellea David for hosting us at her new building at 220 Commerce in Irvine, CA.

  • 6:30 > Networking and pizza
  • 7:00 > Presentations
  • 8:30 > Drinks at a nearby watering hole for additional networking and shop talk

Mechanics Bank
220 Commerce
Irvine, CA 92602

Do you have any events to share? If you do, send them to Ted Stathakis.



Next Meeting




BIG PASS Community Monthly Meeting - With Steve Wake

  • In-Person @ 6256 Greenwich Dr. San Diego, California, United States (map)
  • 18:30 - 21:00 Pacific Daylight Time
  • Language: English

We are really looking forward to our next meeting. I hope you are too. If you can make it, please RSVP here.


6:30 PM - Networking and a bite to eat. Please thank our sponsor Ola Technologies, Inc for sponsoring our dinner.

7:00 PM - Announcements

7:15 PM - Steve Wake

8: 15 PM - Break

8:25 PM - Raffle and wrap up (Bring a new person to the meeting and you both get an extra raffle ticket.)

You do not need to bring a paper ticket to the event. The registration is to obtain a head count for the size of the room and for how much food needs to be purchased. Please unregister by Wednesday if you know that you won't be able to make it. Thank you.

Abstracts below
Please contact Mickey Stuewe if you have any questions.

Featured Presentation:

Building a Better Workstation

Steve Wake, Consultant RevGen Partners

Doesn't matter if you are a SQL Developer, BI Developer, DBA or a combination of those, we all need to have the right tools to get our jobs done. Now that many of the tools for SQL Server are no longer being included with the installer we will all have to do more work to get everything setup and ready. What are BIDS and SSDT? What version(s) of SSDT do I need? Can I install multiple different versions of these on the same workstation? Can I do .NET development and SQL Server development in the same tools? These are just the start of the questions you may be asking when getting a workstation setup. There are lots of other tools out there that you might find useful and tips/tricks in the tools you are already used to. Some time will also be spent on the advantages/disadvantages to using VMs for your development workstation. By the end of this session you will be able to build the best development workstation and be able to keep it up-to-date into the future.

About Steve:
Steve Wake is a Consultant at RevGen Partners with more than 20 years of experience in various IT organizations. Steve has experience in Manufacturing, Retail, Charities, Telecommunications and Financial Services organizations & switched to Consulting to share/expand/teach on his experiences with Microsoft Business Intelligence. Steve is also very involved in the SQL community, speaking at events across the country, blogging at wakebi.com, and is currently President of the Denver SQL Server UG.

Supplementary Materials

The following event attachments are available to you:

We are always looking for speakers to present at our monthly meetings.  We are sure you have done some really cool stuff in your role and would like to hear from friends in the trenches.  It's not hard and there are many of us happy to coach you.










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